Think. Design. Make. | Meddwl. Dylunio. Creu.

Inspired by centuries of Welsh and Celtic traditions of design, and mindfull of the needs of the future.
All our products are ethically made by hand within the UK.

Wedi'i ysbrydoli gan ganrifoedd o draddodiadau dylunio Cymreig a Cheltaidd, ac ystyried anghenion y dyfodol. Mae ein holl gynhyrchion yn cael eu gwneud yn foesegol â llaw yn y DU.

Think: Ethics.
  • Think.

    We dream, we read, we visit new places, we get inspired. We ae inspired not just for new products but new ways, old ways, and sustainable ways. We always start with the ethical thinking time on our design and production process.


  • Design.

    Our designers are artists. Our artists are philosophers. Consideration of the ascetic of design is merely the start of a story of discovery and refelction to create beauty. At the core of every design we dream is "How can we make this locally and sustainably?"


  • Make.

    We make our products with love. Genuine passion and integrity for the beauty of the finished product. Each item we make is in some part handmade and in all cases made within Wales or the wider United Kingdom. We love our work and we love hearing the journeys our work has taken with you.


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