Farming & Animal Welfare.

Farming & Animal Welfare.

We take our ethical commitment very seriously, working with our wool, yarn and other suppliers we can happily trace our farm originated products back to each individual sheep in most cases. We like that, it's a way to know the sheep are loved, the wool is amazing and the end yarn and products are happy.  It's also lovely to say "thank you Gerald the Sheep" as we make our products.


Let's start with the farms.  Here we look to align to the two UN Sustanable Development Goals above. (We've wrote an article about these here).

Our sustainability cycle for a farm has to start literally ground up, with the soil.


Soil is a farm most valuable resource, it is the direct link to its environmental health. If we can work to improving soil quality we are then enhancing biodiversity.  This means better grass and feed for sheep, as well as more hygienic conditions for livestock. That means happy Sheep!


Next are the effective ways to manage water and nutrient resources on wool- growing farms. Water allocation, management and cleanliness is one of the most important natural resources in the world. Farmer's are great at understanding this!


By working directly with some of our wool-growers, We ourselves gain a knowledge of responsible and sustainable farming practices and hopefully build trust with our wool-growers to take the responsibility of sustainability and ethics to a quality end product for you.