Sheep, knitting and saving the planet.

Sheep, knitting and saving the planet.

Let's talk about wool, the environment, and human rights.

We are perhaps best known for our woollen hats. The bright totally original and unique handmade wool hats you've seen and loved. Some of our knitwear does contain small amounts of acrylic yarn (our recycled yarn products) but this article is concerned only with our wool products.

The yarn we use and our process for hand (or human made) manufacture is aligned to 11 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. From encouraging and working with responsible farming practices and manufacturing efficiencies to end-of-life garment disposal, we are working towards an exciting future for our products and the planet.




Wool is a 100% renewable resource, grown by the simple blend of sunshine, fresh air, grass and water. AND SHEEP! Don't forget the sheep!


From early-stage farming, shearing and collection through to end yarn makers - we look to  adopt innovative processes and technologies, while also looking to handcrafts and history for examples and ideas, to ensure best practice across our supply chain. This includes ethical farming, sustainable processes for dyeing and spinning as well as getting to know the people we rely on for our materials.


A wool fibre can be bent up to 20,000 times before breaking. This makes wool garments highly durable, allowing them to retain their as-new look and feel. A Global Wardrobe Study also shoes wool garments are the longest-kept in the wardrobe. A constant favourite of families and fashion for centuries.

Garment Care

Wool garments are easy to care for. The fibre is naturally resistant to stains, odours and creases, meaning you don’t have to wash wool clothing as often as clothes made from other fibres, saving you time and money on your energy and water bills.


Wool fibres are 100% biodegradable in both land and marine environments, offering a less impactful solution and not contributing to micro-plastic pollution.

Re-spun yarn

We are also very interested in re-spinning of yarn as a recycling technique. This can be done at home too, it's easy to 'un-knit' a garment and a great opportunity to knit a new one. We will be investigating this for our own manufacture in the future and also sharing ideas for you to try at home.

You can find out more aspects to our work in the 'Think.' section of our website.