We aim to think ethically and think happy.

'Ethical thinking' means we never loose sight of our ability to use the purpose of this brand to have a positive influence on the world we live in. We actively choose to be the sum of our values, not our profit margins or challenges.

In our organisation, which is a small fashion brand in Wales, we aim to stick to our ethical code, and make ethical performance a strategic priority. To do this we must set the tone from the start to ensure we engage, communicate and train our staff in how to be the best versions of themselves, and therefor the best version of the Pied Wagtail company.

We are aiming to expand our workforce in the next year to focus on enabling young people from all backgrounds to learn and presevre traditional welsh crafts and foster a passion for ethical production methods.

We have developed and are constantly reviewing our support routes for staff, customers and our supply chain. We also use this to monitor and strategically think about how we can design a better way to do things and play a small part in changing the world.

Some stories on our thinking: